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PT Indomedia Gemilang Komunikasi (IEEC)

Founded in Jakarta in 2000, IEEC is a professional trade exhibition and conference organizer specializing in the energy and oil and gas industry in Indonesia. Our portfolio of world-class bi-annual conferences, which include INDOGAS, INDOCBM, INDOPIPE and INDOHSQE, are recognized as among the energy leading industry events in Indonesia. Beyond the professional events planning and logistic management capabilities, IEEC prides itself in our deep knowledge of the Indonesian and international energy, oil and gas industries.

Work together closely with all stakeholders including Government, industry associations, business community, we are able to bring these various stakeholders together in an open forum where difficult challenges and obstacles can be transparently and constructively debated, objectively analyzed and brainstormed in a spirit of cooperation for mutual benefit.

Understanding the specific needs and issues of each stakeholder group in each industry segment, enables us to play an active and strategic role in carefully crafting the conference agenda and topics.

Our mission is to deliver constructive energy forums that positively impact and contribute to the progress of both the national and industry/corporate agendas for the benefit of the Indonesian republic.

In addition to IEEC –owned conferences, we provide conference organizing services to 3rd parties. Our experienced project managers, writers, designers, IT technicians and production team work tirelessly to deliver high quality forums demanded by increasingly sophisticated audiences.

From event budget management , participant registration and database management , communication campaign, exhibition planning and management to hotel accommodation and venue selection, visa support , audiovisuals , transportation , excursions and catering , every aspect will be meticulously planned and seamlessly coordinated to ensure the smooth implementation of the event.

In addition, our team of communications specialists ensure creative marketing and communication programs for optimal visibility of the conferences to maximize Conference attendance and also post-Conference sound bites to meet communication and public relations goals.

Our Strengths

  • 1
    Deep knowledge of the energy, oil and gas industry and business environment in Indonesia which enable our conference program team to work with industry experts to ensure development of strategic and timely conference topics.
  • 2
    Wide network across various related Government Agencies and Industry Associations
  • 3
    Professional communication and language editing expertise.
  • 4
    Professional team experienced in event planning ensuring seamless and high quality implementation

Contact Us:

TEL: +62 21 8378 3757